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Advancing the Independence and Well-being of Families and Individuals Impacted by Homelessness

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Lantern Organization develops properties that are an asset to the communities that they belong in.  We do our part to improve neighborhood quality of life in a variety of ways. For every development, we conduct an extensive community outreach effort in order to identify local concerns and draw from local expertise.   Our buildings have an old New York aesthetic that lends charm to the neighborhood. At some of our properties we have thanked the community by reserving affordable housing units for members of the surrounding area.  At Prospero Hall, we permanently preserved an East Harlem community garden, known as the "Magic Garden".  At Cedars Hall, we refurbished and preserved the oldest building in the Longwood Historic District of the Bronx, and opened the landmark for public tours (pictured above).  We have learned that being a good neighbor is just as important for the surrounding community as it is for our residents, and we continue to search for new ways to establish positive relationships.