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Advancing the Independence and Well-being of Families and Individuals Impacted by Homelessness

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Every night, thousands of children and their families must endure life in homeless shelters.  Homelessness is often traumatic for children, causing impediments to education and development. Children are more likely to develop mental and physical health problems such as asthma, anxiety, and depression. Adults also face deteriorating mental and physical health. Severe depression is commonplace. Family separation is a typical outcome, stemming from both the hardships of homelessness and the requirements for shelter admittance.

Lantern Community Services has transformed the lives of hundreds of families by providing supportive services designed especially for families in need.  Family preservation programs are offered to encourage family stability and connectedness. Many of our properties include a children's recreational room that includes a variety of age-appropriate educational toys. Both parents and children have access to health and wellness programs such as gardening,  relaxation activities, nutritional workshops, and cooking classes.