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In some public housing facilities, residents face constant threats to their health and wellbeing.  Poor air quality and property maintenance lead to an increased risk for childhood asthma. Inadequate security makes residents vulnerable to violent crime and the stresses of insecurity.  Obesity, hypertension, diabetes, and cancer are just a handful of the health problems that are more common among public housing residents. Housing should be part of the solution to health problems, but instead it often makes things worse.

Lantern Organization is committed to improving resident health by creating healthy environments and innovative programs. Our properties are designed to promote mental and physical well-being. Community facilities, recreational areas, and courtyards are provided to encourage stress-reducing activities. Hardwood floors, quality finishes, and elegant lighting design create a relaxing environment in lobbies, hallways, and apartments. We promote high indoor-air quality by using central air systems, ceiling vans, and advanced ventilation. Lantern Community Services programs help residents adopt routines that improve their mental and physical health, such as gardening, jewelry making, knitting, and cooking. Staff promote tenant health through smoking cessation programs and health service consumption training. Residents also are also offered nutritional counseling to help them adopt healthy eating habits.