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Lantern Organization has pioneered sustainable housing design and the utilization of cutting edge green building technology. Cedars Hall was recently awarded Leadership in Energy and Environment Design (LEED) Gold Certification, and Lindenguild Hall is expected to earn the LEED Platinum Certification.  At Cedars Hall, geothermal heating and cooling technology uses the energy contained within the earth to control temperature. Jasper and Cedars Hall use high-tech Gen II elevators which generate more energy than they consume. Silverleaf, Amber, Clover, and Huntersmoon Hall have all taken part in a Con Edison program that provided for the installation of energy efficient lighting and weatherization features in every apartment. Many of our properties use recycled and sustainably sourced building materials and feature energy efficient appliances. Lantern Organization is committed to doing its part to combat resource depletion and climate change by remaining on the forefront of sustainable housing development.