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Young Adults

Over  3,800 young adults struggle with homelessness every night in New York City.  Homeless young adults face significant barriers to personal development. Many come from abusive households, foster care, and the criminal justice system. Between 66- 89% have symptoms of one or more psychiatric disorder. For LGBTQ youth the situation is even more dire, with 58% reporting at least one suicide attempt. The evidence clearly shows that there is a pressing need for support.

Lantern Organization believes that permanent supportive housing in the best way to help young adults overcome trauma and transition to independence.   Lantern Community Services provides programs that help our young adult residents establish an independent, productive, and healthy future.  Each individual is provided with educational services, vocational services, independent living education, health education, and mental health services. Special programs are provided to LGBTQ youth.  Our support staff utilize innovative methods to engage tenants such as recreational activities, shared mealtimes, informal support groups, and social media.