Lantern Organization

Advancing the Independence and Well-being of Families and Individuals Impacted by Homelessness

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About Us

Lantern Organization

Lantern Organization, established as a nonprofit in 1996, participates in activities that strengthen New York communities, by, in part, increasing the supply of affordable housing combined with on-site opportunities for personal enrichment and growth.

Lantern Organization housing initiatives are a model for innovative development of permanent and affordable supportive housing.  As a leader in the field, Lantern Organization is often among the first to identify solutions for creating permanent housing options for special needs and low income populations, including:

  • Families headed by an adult living with HIV,mental illness, or other special needs
  • Families headed by a senior aged adult caring for one or more children
  • Single adults living with HIV, mental illness, or other special needs
  • Young adults who are working and/or in school whose primary need is affordable housing
  • Young adults who are recently aged out of foster care who need housing and continuing support
  • Affordable housing for low income families and single adults, generally

To date, Lantern Organization housing initiatives received upwards of $270 million in financing, with 13 buildings, totaling 1200 units in operation, and 3 buildings, totaling an additional 300 units in predevelopment or construction phases.

Lantern Organization regularly partners with government, private banks and syndicators, national housing intermediaries, and local community service organizations who also share our view that access to adequate housing is integral to financial, economic, and social stability.  Notable partners include: New York City Department of Housing Preservation and Development, Corporation for Supportive Housing, Bank of America, The Richman Group Affordable Housing Corporation, and H. van Ameringen Foundation.


Lantern Community Services

Founded in 1996, Lantern Community Services provides an integrated framework of health and social services to nearly 1,400 high-need single adult, youth and family residents onsite at 14 supportive housing programs across New York City. Our scattered site program supports an additional 173 adults in Brooklyn and Long Island.  Lantern Community Services provides services to congregate buildings developed by the Lantern Organization, which focuses on expanding New York City’s supply of permanent affordable housing, with a priority for people living with special needs. 

Our services are comprehensive; we provide person-centered case management; employment services; educational services; mental health treatment, including onsite psychiatric treatment at certain sites; health and wellness programming; nutrition coaching; food service; independent living planning; and community referrals.

Lantern Community Services opens our doors to single adults, youth aging out of foster care and families, many of whom have co-occurring mental and physical health conditions, including HIV/AIDS, premature aging associated with chronic homelessness, serious and persistent mental illness, and histories of trauma. Our work is grounded in the Housing First Model: placement in permanent affordable housing--with no compliance requirements aside from standard lease obligations-- followed by voluntary engagement in robust supportive services.  This proven model reduces the time people experience homelessness and prevents further episodes of homelessness.  

By providing our programs onsite in residential settings, and with the added value of evidence-based models, Lantern Community Services’ service model directly wraps our clients in a circle of treatment, services and supports. Our clients not only have housing stability; they also improve their physical and mental health, reinstate themselves into the community and job market, and advance towards their individualized goals while living in Lantern’s buildings.