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Lindenguild Hall | Bathgate / Crotona Park West, Bronx


Lindenguild Hall, located in the Bathgate/Crotona Park West neighborhood of the Bronx, consists of 104 units of newly constructed permanent supportive housing. Fifty percent of the units are studios set aside for homeless single adults who are, to the extent possible, veterans living with special needs. The remaining units are reserved for low-income families from local community. A unit is reserved for the building's live-in superintendent, who is available 24/7 to respond to emergencies. Lindenguild Hall is built to the highest energy efficiency standards and will achieve LEED Platinum Certification. Click here for more information on the sustainability features at Lindenguild Hall.


Lantern Community Services, Inc.  offers on-site supportive service programming to all Lindenguild Hall tenants. Program offices contain space for staff to conduct individual and group meetings, life skills counseling, education  and employment services, and referral support.

Supportive services at Lindenguild Hall provide tenants with a variety of opportunities for personal growth. Staff and tenants will work together to establish individual goal-centered service plans. Staff work closely with the family and single adult populations to ensure they achieve their program goals such as obtaining stable employment and participating in activities designed to promote healthy lifestyles. Services for veterans focus on the unique challenges facing this population.